Bootstrap File Input Demo

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Extension of scenario 3 to include your own custom thumbnail templates for capturing additional data in each preview thumbnail. This will include an example of setting the layoutTemplates.footer property. The previewThumbTags will be used to replace the tags in the template dynamically at runtime. After upload, the data returned by initialPreview will be replaced by tags from initialPreviewThumbTags. These tags will be an array of tag objects that will be replaced in the thumbnail footer template for each thumbnail in the initial preview.


For these demo scenarios, the server code actually does not store / upload the files on the server and returns a dummy set of images for testing.


<div class="file-loading">
    <input id="input-706" name="kartik-input-706[]" type="file" multiple>

$(document).on("ready", function() {
    var $el2 = $("#input-706");

    // custom footer template for the scenario
    // the custom tags are in braces

    var footerTemplate = '<div class="file-thumbnail-footer" style ="height:94px">\n' +
    '  <input class="kv-input kv-new form-control input-sm form-control-sm text-center {TAG_CSS_NEW}" value="{caption}" placeholder="Enter caption...">\n' +
    '  <input class="kv-input kv-init form-control input-sm form-control-sm text-center {TAG_CSS_INIT}" value="{TAG_VALUE}" placeholder="Enter caption...">\n' +
    '   <div class="small" style="margin:15px 0 2px 0">{size}</div> {progress}\n{indicator}\n{actions}\n' +
        uploadUrl: '/file-upload-batch/2',
        uploadAsync: false,
        maxFileCount: 5,
        overwriteInitial: false,
        layoutTemplates: {footer: footerTemplate},
        previewThumbTags: {
            '{TAG_VALUE}': '',        // no value
            '{TAG_CSS_NEW}': '',      // new thumbnail input
            '{TAG_CSS_INIT}': 'kv-hidden'  // hide the initial input
        initialPreview: [
            '<img class="file-preview-image kv-preview-data" src="">',
            '<img class="file-preview-image kv-preview-data" src="">',
        initialPreviewConfig: [
            {caption: "City-1.jpg", size: 327892, url: "/site/file-delete", key: 1},
            {caption: "City-2.jpg", size: 438828, url: "/site/file-delete", key: 2}, 
        initialPreviewThumbTags: [
            {'{TAG_VALUE}': 'City-1.jpg', '{TAG_CSS_NEW}': 'kv-hidden', '{TAG_CSS_INIT}': ''},
                '{TAG_VALUE}': function() { // callback example
                    return 'City-2.jpg';
                '{TAG_CSS_NEW}': 'kv-hidden',
                '{TAG_CSS_INIT}': ''
        uploadExtraData: function() {  // callback example
            var out = {}, key, i = 0;
            $('.kv-input:visible').each(function() {
                $el = $(this);
                key = $el.hasClass('kv-new') ? 'new_' + i : 'init_' + i;
                out[key] = $el.val();
            return out;


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