Bootstrap File Input Demo

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Extension of scenario 1 to add ability for CLICK TO SELECT in the zone to browse and select files. The scenario also hides the browse button for making it clear to the user to select files on drop zone click. Note the properties showBrowse and browseOnZoneClick that are used to control this. In addition, the drag and drop zone will append to dropZoneTitle the message text as defined in dropZoneClickTitle. For an example of CLICK TO SELECT for non-ajax (form based) uploads, view the avatar upload example # 2.


<div class="file-loading">
    <input id="input-711" name="kartik-input-711[]" type="file" multiple>

$(document).on("ready", function() {
        uploadUrl: "/file-upload-single/1",
        maxFileCount: 5,
        showBrowse: false,
        browseOnZoneClick: true


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