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Initial Preview Configuration for AJAX based uploads along with initial preview delete button and methods. The overwriteInitial property is set to false. Note that you can set initialPreviewAsData property set to true, to pass only the data part of initial preview. This property will identify that you are sending preview as data only and not the entire raw markup. This scenario also shows additional extra data you can send with the file uploaded to the server by configuring uploadExtraData. This scenario also shows how you can setup minimum file count (2 for this case) to make your file input mandatory to have the minimum number of files.


<div class="file-loading">
    <input id="input-702" name="kartik-input-702[]" type="file" multiple>

$(document).on("ready", function() {
        theme: 'fa',
        uploadUrl: "/file-upload-batch/1",
        uploadAsync: false,
        minFileCount: 2,
        maxFileCount: 5,
        overwriteInitial: false,
        initialPreview: [
        initialPreviewAsData: true, // identify if you are sending preview data only and not the raw markup
        initialPreviewFileType: 'image', // image is the default and can be overridden in config below
        initialPreviewConfig: [
            {caption: "People-1.jpg", size: 576237, width: "120px", url: "/site/file-delete", key: 1},
            {caption: "People-2.jpg", size: 932882, width: "120px", url: "/site/file-delete", key: 2}, 
        uploadExtraData: {
            img_key: "1000",
            img_keywords: "happy, places",
    }).on('filesorted', function(e, params) {
        console.log('file sorted', e, params);
    }).on('fileuploaded', function(e, params) {
        console.log('file uploaded', e, params);


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