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Basic usage examples of the bootstrap-star-rating plugin.


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Automatically convert any input to a bootstrap star rating control by setting its class as rating. Note that the CSS class rating-loading when added, hides the input when the page is loading, and shows a plugin loading indicator until the widget is entirely loaded
<label for="input-1" class="control-label">Rate This</label>
<input id="input-1" name="input-1" class="rating rating-loading" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="1">
Support any fractional rating. For example validate a rating between 1 to 5 with a step of 0.1 for 5 stars. Drag and slide across for changing ratings for better effects on touch input devices.
<label for="input-2" class="control-label">Rate This</label>
<input id="input-2" name="input-2" class="rating rating-loading" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.1">
A quick shortcut to generate a display only rating is by setting the displayOnly property to true. This can be useful when you wish to render a rating widget for display purpose only and prevent any editing ability for the user.
    <td style="padding-right:10px">
      <label for="input-3" class="control-label">Likes</label>
      <input id="input-3" name="input-3" value="4" class="rating-loading">
$(document).on('ready', function(){
    $('#input-3').rating({displayOnly: true, step: 0.5});
Use data attributes to control options. For example, hide/show display of clear button and caption.
<label for="input-4" class="control-label">Rate This</label>
<input id="input-4" name="input-4" class="rating rating-loading" data-show-clear="false" data-show-caption="true">
Initialize star control rating on any input via javascript. Note that you must remove the CSS class rating from your input markup when initializing via javascript.
<label for="input-5" class="control-label">Rate This</label>
<input id="input-5" name="input-5" class="rating-loading" data-show-clear="false" data-show-caption="true">
$(document).on('ready', function(){
    $('#input-5').rating({clearCaption: 'No stars yet'});
Set the star rating control to be readonly or disabled.
<label for="input-6" class="control-label">Readonly Input</label>
<input id="input-6" name="input-6" class="rating rating-loading" value="0" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="1" data-readonly="true">

<label for="input-7" class="control-label">Disabled Input</label>
<input id="input-7" class="rating rating-loading" value="0" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="1" data-disabled="true">
Control the size of stars by passing the size parameter. Use these codes in increasing order of size - xs being the smallest and xl being the largest: xs, sm, md, lg, xl.

<label for="input-7-xs" class="control-label">Extra Small Rating</label>
<input id="input-7-xs" class="rating rating-loading" value="1" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.5" data-size="xs"><hr/>

<label for="input-7-sm" class="control-label">Small Rating</label>
<input id="input-7-sm" class="rating rating-loading" value="2" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.5" data-size="sm"><hr/>

<label for="input-7-md" class="control-label">Medium Rating</label>
<input id="input-7-md" class="rating rating-loading" value="3" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.5" data-size="md"><hr/>

<label for="input-7-lg" class="control-label">Large Rating</label>
<input id="input-7-lg" class="rating rating-loading" value="4" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.5" data-size="lg"><hr/>

<label for="input-7-xl" class="control-label">Extra Large Rating</label>
<input id="input-7-xl" class="rating rating-loading" value="5" data-min="0" data-max="5" data-step="0.5" data-size="xl">

Right to left (RTL) input support. Note that you can add a containerClass for advanced styling.


  • When using the rtl mode, you must ensure that the icon markup you set in filledStar is symmetrical horizontally. This is because the plugin default CSS styling uses a horizontal mirror flipped version of the filledStar markup.

  • The rtl input ratings are by default floated right. You may need to add a <div class="clearfix></div> for bootstrap styling after RTL ratings to ensure that floats are cleared for subsequent content displayed.

  • If you are already using a HTML markup on your page which has the content RTL oriented, then you must be careful in setting the rtl property. For example, if you have an <html dir="rtl"> at top of your page and wish to have a RTL oriented star rating, then you may take one of the following approaches to render a proper RTL rating

    • Option 1: Wrap the rating inside a LTR container e.g. <div dir="ltr">.

    • Option 2: You can set the rtl setting for the plugin to false.

<input id="input-8" name="input-8" class="rating-loading">
<div class="clearfix"></div>
$(document).on('ready', function(){
    $('#input-8').rating({rtl: true, containerClass: 'is-star'});


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